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Dress For The Mess


The most exposed part of the body in paintball are the hands. You’ll always be leading with the marker in your hands, especially when firing at the enemy. So you’re going to take hits to the hands.

If your hands lack protection and you take hits to exposed skin it will sting and probably bruise your hands.

Gloves need to offer protection. But at the same time don’t want to be bulky, you have to be able to wrap your finger around the marker’s trigger.

Some ideas that work well are an old pair of leather golf gloves and fingerless weight lifting gloves.


The choice of shoes for paintball is important. First, you shouldn’t worry about your shoes getting muddy or even soaked. If ruining your shoes is going to be an issue, pick a fresh pair.


They need to give you ankle protection, so a boot would be preferable. Hiking boots are always a popular choice. As are soccer cleats, because the studs will give you some extra grip.

Never wear open-toed sandals or a flimsy pair of gym shoes. A rugged pair of old trainers will fit the bill, though.


Getting the best clothing for your legs needs some careful thought. You need a pair of pants that are thick, but still pretty

lightweight, so you can move around easily.

A pair of loose-fitting sweatpants or denim jeans would work. You might want to double up on the sweatpants. There are pants made for paintball if you want to invest in a pair of those.

Remember, you’ll be crawling, jumping, kneeling and probably hitting the ground hard, all activities where your pants are going to count.


Valuables And Jewelry

Take nothing like this out to the field with you. Valuables can easily get lost in the heat of battle. I have known jewelry to injure players in the past, so leave them behind in a safe place.

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